Malaysian Broadband : Speed Up, Price Down. Gold For MSP

More Opportunities for Malaysian MSP

by Shahren Abdul Malek. September 22,2018

The Enforcement By Government 

Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Mr. Gobind Singh Deo has given his ultimatum to telcos and ISPs to submit their proposal of lower broadband pricing by the 30th of September 2018 or face the music.
With the implementation of this new proposal, prices of broadband access are expected to see a reduction of a minimum 25% by year end. This as,The Malaysian Mandatory Standard On Access Pricing (MASP) came into enforcement on the June of 8, 2018.

Tweet by Mr Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communication & Multimedia Malaysia

Gold For MSP In Malaysia

Although the cloud revolution has arrived to the Malaysian shore years back, the revolution failed to live up to its hype as it did in The US and Europe. Among the many reasons for this , is the low penetration of High Speed Broadband among Malaysian. Exorbitant  pricing  has also hinders the subscription of High Speed Broadband within the High Speed Broadband ready area. 

Businesses in Malaysia have welcomed this intervention as a heavenly gift. Broadband speed will be faster while the cost will be cheaper. The business communities have seen the internet as a new medium to leverage their offerings and to ramp up their cyber utilization to the their gain.

Companies that offer Cloud Solutions have recorded an increase of demand and sales. Cloud invoicing solutions, cloud accounting solutions, cloud point of sales and many more cloud services are on a sale spree. Even Microsoft is aggressively pushing their Office365.

Businesses in Malaysia are encouraged by the government to go online and utilize the internet to the maximum.

MSP in Malaysia, especially those within the RMM segmentation, will find this as the beginning of a golden era for their Managed Service business. A much wider High Speed broadband service area is an opportunities to deliver more MSP solutions to businesses in Malaysia.

As High Speed Broadband prices are reduced, businesses will have the opportunities to fully exploit the cloud revolution. Businesses are now dumping their physical devices, physical storage, physical servers, physical assets and with it:  the mentality of owning the above. The new trend is to capitalise on Operating Expenditure rather than Capital Expenditure. It is better as per se, to rent than to buy.

Business will try to cut the cost of owning, for example, owning a mail server. Given the threat of spamming or mail viruses, secured mail can be achieved by subscribing to a Cloud Mail Services such as Mail Assure by SolarWinds MSP. Or businesses will try to save the cost of owning a server that hosts an antivirus’ console. This can be better leveraged by assigning an MSP to monitor their malware needs through Managed Antivirus. It will do just fine, at least they don’t have to buy a server, owning and renewing server licenses and have no utilities to pay.

Businesses also realise that, by utilizing the cloud, they can have their multiple sites taken care of  remotely via Remote Access. There will be no need to rush an engineer or deploy a technician to affected sites, when all troubleshot can be done remotely. This was deemed unfavourable before.  The myth of remote access consuming bandwidth and leaves little space for internet activities e.g data uploading, is seen as the main resisting factor. With higher broadband at a friction of the cost, more and more sites can be equipped with High Speed broadband and accessed remotely via Remote Access.

All of this is possible given the feel good factor of having an High Speed Broadband access and the policy of the new Malaysian government. Businesses will flock in numbers, hunger for Cloud Solutions, and MSPs must up their ante to grab this golden chance.

Shahren Abdul Malek is the founder of AwanVirtual