Digital Amal

AwanVirtual has launched a new program aimed at helping the development of societies in Malaysia. This corporate social responsibility program is specially catered to the core of muslim society and are initially piloted to Mosque and Orphanage Home. 

What Does It Means For Local Muslim Community?

Local community will benefits directly from this. Mosque or orphanage home will have the digital platform to establish itself within the digital media spectrum of the modern age. They are able to publish their activities, announce upcoming events , or post online information such as kuliah or kitab. 

With E-Derma, they can collect contribution from the masses and securely have this payment credited directly to their banking account. The attachment of ecommerce platform ensures that Masjid or Orphanage Centre has an online platform to launch their own store. This store can then be used to either enrich to help with their income or their kariah.

It is our greatest hope that this program will help develop a better community in Malaysia.